the company

In 2016 we traded our car for a cargo bike. To bring our daughters to school and to do the groceries.
The first sunny weekend however I took it out for a serious ride. Instead of kids I filled it with a tent and gear.

That first ride was magical, perfect weather, out there, camping, cooking my meal over a fire...
Many more trips followed, with and without kids, varying from 2 days tot almost 3 weeks.

Then I decided to start Ecabike, European Camping Adventures on a BIKE,
or Electric CAmping BIKE, if you will but not all are electric.


We try to get more people to participate in bike travelling. It's really easy and you can take a lot of luggage.
Even if you travel with your suitcase or backpack it will fit on the bike. We provide the tent
and camping gear and you're on your way! Perfect for backpackers and citytrippers.

Everybody a unique outdoor adventure @ zero footprint!