35.000 km's of bike path and over 1.100 campsites!

No wonder that Ecabike has it's roots here. And for such a populated, small country, it is really easy to get out of that urban setting.
Summers are really mild here, never too hot, every now and then some rain to keep the countryside nice and green.

This really is a cyclist's paradise!


Ecabike Amsterdam is located near the city centre, close to Amstel station. From here you go through Amstel park,
alongside the river and within 10 minutes you're outside the city!

In 2 days you could do Amsterdam castle, Hollandse Waterlinie or the Beemster. If you have 3 or 4 days, you could do
North of Holland, IJsselmeer, Heart of Holland or the beach. In 1 week you could do a Holland North (including some of the islands)
or a Holland south (river region) adventure.